Depression Is Not Feeling Sad

Depression is not feeling sad, its not being overtired, or overworked or fed up or stressed. Those are all difficult in their own way, but they are not the same as depression.
Depression is not something that can be explained like a broken leg or high blood pressure. Its a combination of physical and mental symptoms and it can be different for different people at different times.
For me, I feel like Im weighted down, everything is heavy, every movement becomes more work, more tiring.
My mind starts to play tricks on me. I don’t think clearly, I’m not able to focus or problem solve. I can’t find my words, or I don’t even feel like talking, even that feels like too much effort (which is really not like me to not have something to say).
Often my mind lies to me. It tells me people are talking about me (and not in a nice way). It tells me I’ll fail anyway, or it’s not worth the effort, or I’m just not capable.
Things become black and white, all or nothing.
But at least I now know these things, and I can sometimes stand back and see those things for what they are. I’m also getting very good at navigating through them. Not stopping mid-route and getting stuck like I used to.
But it is not easy and I still want to scream at anyone who says it’s the same as being tired, or feeling blue, or going through a rough time. Because it’s none of those things, or maybe all those things times 100.

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