Did Someone Say Interview?

How do you get ready to be interviewed for a documentary?

Clean the house, vacuum the dog, hide stuff in closets,  buy fresh flowers,  oh, and put some makeup on so you don’t look like a ghost on tv.
Well, that’s my to do list anyway.
Funny things is I totally forgot to have a conversation with my husband about what is to be shared and what is off limits.
And what is the message we really want to share?
Do we went people to know the details of the crap we’ve been through or do we want them to know that despite all that crap, we now have a life we both enjoy, amazing kids and a future that actually is one we look forward to? I doubt we can get both messages out in a brief interview. Actually, I don’t even know how long this is going to be. I basically left it to my husband to coordinate so the details are a bit fuzzy.
We know its about veterans and their families and is likely to air around Remembrance Day, and the crew is arriving at our house in about 2 hours.  Ready or not!

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