Are You Worthy of Leather Seats?

If you don’t feel worthy of great things happening in your life, than how can they happen?

I know it was hard for me to think it, let alone say it out loud, but the fact was that I didn’t feel worthy of so many things (like leather seats) including living an awesome life. But why not?  Well, there are probable a million reasons I could come up with but I have yet to find any that I would believe to be 100% true. I honestly believe we are all deserving of a great life just because we are here. What that ‘great life’ looks like is as unique as each one of us, but why don’t we just go for it?  If you want to be a painter, paint!  If you want to sail the world, go sailing! “BUT…. BUT… ” I can hear it now.  You have lots of reasons why its not that simple. And its not simple, but it is possible (I bet that wherever you are in your life right now was not a simple process to get there either).

So what might be possible if you felt 100% worthy of  a great life?  What are those messages you are telling yourself why its not possible?  I bet you’ll find some interesting answers.  Trust me, you deserve to explore them.

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