I Am War; A New Documentary

On Friday, November 10th, the Canadian History Channel will be airing I Am War  which is a new documentary of personal stories from Canadian soldiers perspective. Dan and I were both interviewed , along with many others, this past summer and although I have not yet seen the film, I am confident that it will be worth watching.

The director, Wayne Abbott, and his team came to our home for 2 days of rather intense filming as he asked many of the hard questions.  I actually left the room when my husband was being interviewed as I found it difficult to listen to him recount the events that led to his PTSD.  However, I believe it is important for these stories to be told and heard by Canadians. It may not be a fun topic, but if we are going to send people into war zones, we need to be aware of the consequences.

I often find myself getting quite frustrated this time of year with all the poppies being worn and special ceremonies planned.  I know people want to show their support and this is very important, but I believe that more can be done. Films like this increase understanding of our current day vets are experiencing. Because, regardless of how we look at it there is a long term, permanent impact of war on Canadian soldiers, their families and their communities.

I would love to hear your thoughts after watching the documentary.



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