Nobody Cares (and that can be a good thing!)

Of course, there are people that you care about and that care about you, but I’m not talking about them at the moment. The people I’m talking about are the ones at the mall, in the waiting room, at the bus stop, or at the movies. These people are just like you and me. They have their own worries and thoughts and they are not caring about what you’re wearing, or if you’re taking medications, or if you have paid off your MasterCard bill.  I’m reminding you, and me, of this fact because when anxiety kicks in it can override our rational mind and make us believe things that are simply not true.  During these moments I find myself wondering what others are thinking about me, worrying that they can see right through me. All my flaws are exposed and awaiting critique by any person who wishes to give me their two cents.  If I can catch this in the very early stages, I can sometimes refocus my brain on the simple fact that “NOBODY CARES”. I can sometimes end the anxiety before it really has a chance to gain momentum.  Sometimes this thought can even make me smile a little.

This mantra can be helpful not only in preventing a more significant episode but it can also help me focus on what is important at any given moment. Usually, that means focusing those relationships with the people I do care about and care about me.

So maybe the next time you feel yourself starting to worry about what others may be thinking, try reminding yourself “that nobody cares” and see how it feels.  Or do you already have little mantras that help bring you back to reality when anxiety is trying to take you off track? Feel free to reply in the comments as perhaps your words will help someone else.





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