Creativity, Courage, ​and Community

The 3 ‘C’ words that have made the difference between surviving and thriving in my life.

Without enough of them, I feel bored, fearful and isolated. With them, I feel limitless, excited and loved.

It has taken me a long time to figure this out but now that I have, I purposefully look for opportunities to cultivate the 3 Cs in my life every single day.  When presented with a choice, no matter how mundane the issue is, there is an answer that is based on prioritizing the 3 Cs or avoiding them.  It is so simple now that I see it, but simple does not mean easy. Actually, it is usually the opposite. Choosing the known, well-traveled route is usually easier because it does not require standing out or taking risks.  But in my experience, the results usually match the input.

When I purposefully make a choice based on my own creativity, being brave enough to be afraid and take action anyway,  and risking sticking out from the crowd is when I feel the most aligned with the world and my purpose and somehow feel more connected to others.  It is the antithesis of what one might expect, and even though I have doubts every single time I must make a choice, the results are clear.  Choosing to trust my own inner voice, my own creative thoughts, lead me to have experiences and connect with people with whom inspire me and help me build the community in which I thrive (and I believe others can too).

When I refer to creativity I am not only referring to artistic pursuits, but rather the whole scope of creative thought, innovation, and imagination. Whether or not a person has artistic interests, they can still lead incredibly creative lives; one is not dependent on the other. However, in my experience the more I experiment with creative hobbies and bringing art into my life, the more I am able to think creatively in all areas of my life.  For example, problem-solving and decision making are daily tasks that can be overwhelming and frustrating and happen multiple times.  In the past,  I would sometimes get so overwhelmed with daily dilemmas that I would just want to stay in bed and hide under the covers.  I felt unable to make a decision or find a solution that was satisfactory and this certainly contributed to my depression and anxiety. But as I explored creative hobbies, I was simultaneously able to think of things I may not have considered before when faced with a problem and find solutions I may not have ever even heard of before. I began to feel empowered and even excited about the possibilities.

So now I practice being more intentional in my artistic pursuits. I use the time to practice listening to my own thoughts, experiment with doing things differently and challenging my self-talk when I find myself doubting my own ability or instincts. It is like a muscle that when used regularly gets stronger and functions better. I now find that I am able to tap into this strength when I need the courage to do something that is scary or daunting.

The best part of this whole process has been the sense of community that has resulted. I have always had made friends easily, but as an adult, I have found it more difficult to build and maintain genuine and meaningful relationships.  But in the last few years, since being more open to new and creative living, I have met so many more interesting and inspiring people and made genuine friendships.  And now I have repeatedly experienced the benefits of living a life with more creativity and courage, I am excited to share them with others. I believe that practicing creative pursuits (regardless of the medium) in a safe and comfortable environment we can practice the same skills needed to live more creative and courageous lives and who doesn’t want that?

I am currently offering a workshop on using rug hooking as the medium to explore this topic.  Although I plan to create an online version, for now, I am offering the workshop in Ottawa.   I would love to hear about your experience with how creativity or artistic pursuits have impacted your life, please feel free to comment or message me.

For more info follow this link:  Explore Creativity and Courage with Rug Hooking 

This is a unique workshop to explore the link between how we approach creativity and how we can intentionally improve our own self-confidence and self-talk with crafts.
I will teach beginner rug hooking with yarn, as we also explore our beliefs about creativity, observe our self-talk and experiment with following our intuition instead of our rational thought. This workshop is focussed on “process over product”, but you will leave with the basic skills required for rug hooking.